Bài tập Word form lớp 10 – Bài tập tiếng Anh 10

Bài tập Word form lớp 10 là một trong những dạng bài tập quan trọng trong các bài kiểm tra tiếng Anh nhằm kiểm tra từ vựng của học sinh bao gồm danh từ, tính từ, động từ và trạng từ.

Word form lớp 10 giúp các em có thêm nhiều tư liệu tham khảo, củng cố kiến thức để đạt được kết quả cao trong kì thi sắp tới. Bên cạnh đó các em tham khảo thêm Tổng hợp bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 cả năm. Vậy sau đây là nội dung chi tiết tài liệu, mời các bạn cùng theo dõi tại đây.

Bài tập Word form lớp 10

Exercise1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. The local……………………… are listed in the local newspaper. (entertain)

2. He was absent from class yesterday because of his…………. (ill)

3. Everyone needs to live in a ……………. environment. (health)

4. My mother has just given me a pocket…………………. machine. (calculate)

5. I know……………………….. how she felt. (exact)

6. I felt quite………………….. with my day’s work. (satisfy)

7. He apologized for the…………………….he had caused. (convenient)

8. The school……………….about 600 new students every year. (admission)

9. Sign language is very helpful for both the deaf and the………………….. (muting)

10. Helen’s success has……………………….millions of blind people to try and overcome their difficulties. (courage)

11. For your …………………, the library is on the third floor. (inform)

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12. This is one of the best………………..films showing the lives of working people. (document)

13. There is a great………………..of water here. (short)

14. The government has introduced some……………….measures to reduce unemployment. (effect)

15. John asked his teacher for……………….to go to home earlier. (permit)

Exercise 2. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. To be fair, we need to divide the tasks ________ (equal)

2. My mom and dad are checking the _________ for their gold wedding anniversary. (prepare)

3. Heavy lifting is an action which requires _________ strength, (physic)

4. It is good for them as individuals and good for all the _______ within the family. (relate)

5. ________ say that a lot of young people are not aware of these advantages. (Psychology)

6. Her ________ to the company is enormous. (contribute)

7. In order to maintain peace, we should not be ______ of each other. (criticize)

8. I want to see the very cute and lovely children at _______ schools. (nurse)

9. Mary and her husband always join hands in ________ their daughters. (educate)

10. A person will be considered _________ if he or she does not take good care of his or her
parents or grandparents. (grate)

Exercise 3

1. We had a very ________ evening in London last week ENJOY

2. He fell off his motorbike, but his _______ were not serious. INJURE

3. The family managed to get out of the burning house , but they lost nearly their ________POSSESS

4. He says he has no _______ of resigning INTEND

5. The crowd showed it _______ by shouting insults (lăng mạ) the players APPROVE

6. Dozens of _______ are injured on the city roads every year CYCLE

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7. The company is not taking any new ______ this year EMPLOY

8. Kate is studying to become a _______ . LAW

9. Motor – racing is an extremely _____ sport. RISK

10. The duty of the police is the _____ of law and order. MAINTAIN

Exercise 4.

1. We have to keep our costs as small as possible. We have so many _____ trying to take our customers away COMPETE

2. Our tomatoes are ______ nicely: they will be ready to eat in about a week RIPE

3. He is very anxious about the _____ of his passport. LOSE

4. This organization is concerned about the ______ of the rain forest. DESTROY

5. Television is one the cheapest forms of _______ . ENTERTAIN

6. I was annoyed at his ______ to co – operate . REFUSE

7. Look at this picture of Bill and his father : you can see the ______ clearly, can’t you? LIKE

8. Switzerland and Australia are both _______ countries. MOUTAIN

9. My brother lives in an attractive ______ part of Paris. RESIDE

10. He said good morning in a most _______ way. FRIEND

Exercise 5.

1.We bought back several carved _______ statues from our holiday in Africa. WOOD

2. Our journey took nearly five hours. It was much ______ than I’d thought. FAR

3. John has just got ________to a girl he has known since he was a boy. ENGAGE

4. “ This is not a good essay”, said the lecturer, “ I find your arguments _______” CONVINCE

5. More and more young people want to get a university _______ EDUCATE

6. Sue went red with ______ EMBARRASS

7. Don’t believe a word Tom says. He’s a terrible _____ LIE

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8. It’s a lovely house, I agree, but can we afford to _______ it ? MODERN

9. Brown is very warm and __________ person CARE

10. The man spoke with a _______ accent. SOUTH

Exercise 6

1. Bill and I have been friends since ______ he used to live next door. CHILD

2. The woman has a blonde shoulder – ______ hair . LONG

3. Applicants must be under 25, hard – working and _______ . ENERGY

4. Many modern refridgerators never need to be _______. FROST

5. When Bill and Jane retire, they’re planning to spend all their _____ on a Mediterrance holiday. SAVE

6. Third time lucky! After two ______attempts, Mark’s finally passed his driving test. SUCCESS

7. They’re an incrediby _____ family! You should see how much food they throw away. WASTE

8. You shouldn’t leave _______ things on car seats in full view of people walking past

9. I’ve never had the same opinions as my father. When I was younger, we were always having _____ . AGREE

10. Jeremy Hopkins’s performance in King Lear was the most _______. IMPRESS


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