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Bài tập đọc hiểu tiếng Anh thi vào lớp 10 năm 2021 – 2022 là tài liệu vô cùng hữu ích, giúp các bạn làm quen với các bài tập đọc hiểu, chuẩn bị kiến thức thật tốt để thi vào lớp 10.

Ngoài ra, các bạn còn tham khảo thêm các dạng đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10, ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh ôn thi vào lớp 10, Tổng hợp 150 đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh.

Ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên đề đọc hiểu tiếng Anh


Jack London (1876 – 1916) is an American writer whose work combined powerful realism and humanitarian sentiment. He was (16) …….. in San Francisco. After finishing grammar (17) ……….., Jack London worked at various jobs and in 1897 and 1898 he participated (18)……….. the Alaska Gold Rush. Upon his return to the San Francisco area, he began to (19) ………… about his experiences. A collection of his short stories, The Son of the Golf, was (20) ………… in 1900. Jack’s colourful life, during which he wrote more than 50 books and which included enormous popular successes as an (21) ………., ended in his suicide at the (22) ……….. of 40.

Many of his stories including his masterpiece The Call of the Wild deal with the reversion of a civilized creature to the primitive state. Jack London’s style – brutal, vivid and exciting – (23) ……….. him enormously popular outside the United States; His (24) …….. were translated into many languages. Jack’s important works include People of the Abyss about the poor in London; the Sea Wolf, a novel based on the author’s experiences on a seal hunting ship; John Barleycorn , an autobiographical novel about Jack’s struggle (25)…………. alcoholism.

1: A. grown B. born C. developed D. lived

2: A. lessons B. course C. notes D. school

3: A. in B. to C. at D. of

4: A. speak B. read C. talk D. write

5: A. printed B. ordered C. sold D. published

6: A. architect B. author C. actor D. orator

7: A. moment B. age C. time D. year

8: A. gave B. l et C. made D. did

9: A. speeches B. sayings C. words D. works

10: A. to B. for C. against D. of


There’s much more water than land on the (31) ___ of the earth. The seas and oceans cover nearly (32) ___ of the whole world, and only one-fifth of (33) ___ land. If you traveled over the earth in different directions, you would have to spend (34) ___ more of your time (35) ___ on water that on roads or railways. We sometimes forget that for every mile of land (36) ___ four miles of water.

There’s so much water in the surface of our earth that we (37) ___ to use two words to describe. We use the word SEAS (38) ___ those parts of water surface which (39) ___ only few hundreds of mile, the word OCEANS to describe the huge area of water (40) ___ are thousands of miles wide and very deep.

1. A. cover B. surface C. outer D. outside

2. A. four-fives B. four-fifth C. four fifths D. fourth-fifths

3. A. it is B. it’s C. its D. them are

4. A. many B. much C. few D. too

5. A. to move B. move C. moved D. moving

6. A. there are B. there is C. there has D. have

7. A. must B. should C. have D. would

8. A. describing B. describes C. describe D. to describe

9. A. is B. are C. has D. will be

10. A. that’s B. which C. where D. whose


Jane’s family decided to go to London last week because they want to __(1)__ a tour. The sight in London was so __(2)__ that she’s been there a few days but it __(3)__ to her only to be yesterday. It means __(4)__ she enjoyed the trip so much. She and her father stayed __(5)__ a very big hotel __(6)__ two hundred rooms. From there, they can __(7)__ reach Hyde Park, __(8)__ very big park in London. In here, people can buy from a needle __(9)__ an elephant in two best__(10)__ streets, Regent Street and Oxford Street.

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1. A. do B. make C. work D. have

2. A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. interestingly

3. A. makes B. thinks C. does D. seems

4. A. that B. is that C . that is D. that was

5. A. for B. on C. in D. to

6. A. have B. has C. with D. to with

7. A. easiness B. easily C. easy D. uneasy

8. A. the B. a which C. is a D. a

9. A. with B. and C. or D. to

10. A. shopping B. selling C. tradin D. shop


Isaac Newton, one of the __(1)__ scientists, was born __(2)__ December 25th, 1642 in a small village __(3)__ Wool Thorpe in England. His father was a poor __(4)__. When the boy was fourteen, his father died. Newton __(5)__ school and helped his mother on the farm. __(6)__ he was fun __(7)__ physics and mathematics, Newton was sent to school. __(8)__ he left high school, Newton studied at Cambridge University. In 1667 he became __(9)__ professor on mathematics at the university. His greatest discovery is the __(10)__ of gravitation. He died in 1727.

1. A. great B. greatest C. most great D. greater

2. A. in B. on C. at D. a and b

3. A. in B. at C. on D. of

4. A. farmer B. apprentice c. bookbinder D. blacksmith

5. A. went B. sent C. left D. run

6. A. So B. So that C. Because D. Because of

7. A. in B. of C. at D. about

8. A. For B. While C. Before D . After

9. A. an B. one C. a D. the

10. A. law B . invention C. foundation D. operation


Nancy Lee Johnson was a __(1)__ girl. She was smart, pretty and __(2)__ in well with the life of her school. One Thursday afternoon, Miss O’Shay, the vice-principal, __(3)__ Nancy that the girl’s pictures had won the Artist Club __(4)__. Nancy was very happy at the news. She __(5)__ have danced al the way home through the rain.

But the __(6)__ didn’t let Nancy get the scholarship __(7)__ because they found that she was a __(8)__ student and they said that the __(9)__ of the coloured student in the local art school might __(10)__ difficulties for all concerned.

1. A. colour B. coloured C. colouful D. colourless

2. A. fit B. fitted C. fix D. interested

3. A. asked B. spoke C. said D. told

4. A. scholar B. committee C. punishment D. scholarship

5. A. can B. may C. must D. might

6. A. jury B. committee C. statesman D. champion

7. A. just B. right C. one D. yet

8. A. black B. Negro C. colour D. white

9. A. attend B. attendance C. present D. presence

10. A. give B. form C. create D. drawl


Sean O’Casey was a famous Irish __(1)__. Born __(2)__ a poor worker’s family, he had known, __(3)__ his childhood, hunger, poverty and ill-health. He deeply __(4)__ the unjust laws and the police __(5)__ of the British in his home country. When __(6)__ up, he worked first as a labourer, and __(7)__ joined the Irish Citizen Army, __(8)__ Irish nationalist organization, to fight __(9)__ independence __(10)__ great Britain.

1. A. writer B. reader C. player D. actor

2. A. on B. at C. in D. from

3. A. from B. to C. since D. for

4. A. recalled B. remembered C. thought D. felt

5. A. defence B. rule C. fight D. struggle

6. A. grown B. grew C. grow D. growing

7. A. but B. later C. an D. one

8. A. against B. an C. for D. to

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9. A. from B. to C. of D. for


As a young girl, Oseola McCarty dreamed of becoming a nurse. However, her family duty stood as a(n) ________ (41) to educational goals. McCarty left school after completing the sixth. Since her family was one of washerwomen, McCarty followed ________ (42) their footsteps. She ________ (43) other people’s clothes for over seventy years.

Due to good work and saving habits, McCarty, a washerwoman, ________ (44) a great deal of money. She made a ________ (45) of $150,000 – a large portion of her life savings – to the University of Southern Mississippi to help needy students. She was 88 years old and had never married. She did not have any children. She did not own a car. From this simple and ________ (46) life, she was able to impress the world with a significant ________ (47) act.

Though she was unable to complete her own education, it was her ________ (48) that her gift would make ________ (49) possible for many others in ________ (50) need to do so. Now, with McCarty’s support, specifically African American students have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams of a college education.

1. A. solution B. problem C. obstacle D. difficulty
2 A. with B. in C. on D. along

3. A. cleaned B. made C. cleared D. did

4. A. accomplished B. loaned C. paid D. accumulated

5. A. money B. donation C. profit D. living

6. A. frugal B. mean C. generous D. selfish

7. A. helpful B. charitable C. useful D. remarkable

8. A. generosity B. experience C. responsibility D. intention

9. A. it B. them C. her D. us

10. A. economical B. financial C. healthy D. fashionable


Men are lazy in the home, according to an official survey (41)_______ today. They have about six hours’ a week more free time than wives, but play very little (42) _______ in cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing, according to the Social Trends Survey by the Central (43) _______ Office.

Nearly three quarters of married women (44) _______ to do all or most of the housework, and among married men the proportion who admitted that their wives did all or most of the housework was only slightly lower.

The survey (45) _______ that washing and ironing was the least popular task among men, with only one per cent (46) _______ this duty, compared with 89 per cent of women, and 10 per cent sharing equally.

Only 5 per cent of men (47) _______ the evening meal, 3 per cent carry out household cleaning duties, 5 per cent household shopping, and 17 per cent wash the evening dishes.

But when household gadgets break down, (48) _______ are carried out by 82 per cent of husbands. The survey says that, despite our economic problems, the majority of Britons are substantially better (49) _______ than a decade ago. We’re healthier, too – eating healthier foods and smoking less.

The (50) _______ Briton, not surprisingly, is more widely traveled than a decade ago. More people are going abroad for holidays, with Spain the favorite destination.

1. A. emerged B. edited C. published D. furnished

2. A. role B. section C. work D. part

3. A. Numerical B. Ordinal C. Cardinal D. Statistical

4. A. pronounced B. uttered C. claimed D. emitted

5. A. pointed B. evolved C. planned D. showed

6. A. forming B. formulating C. performing D. burdening

7. A. prepare B. process C. undertake D. fit

8. A. repairs B. fixings C. fittings D. amendments

9. A. over B. off C. through D. on

10. A. medium B. average C. popular D. normal


CONCORDE, the world’s fastest and most graceful (41)______ plane, will soon be 25 years old. It first flew on 2 March 1969, from Toulouse in France.

Concorde was developed by both France and Britain. From 1956 these two countries had a (42) ______ of a supersonic passenger plane. In 1962 they started to work together on the (43)______. The plane cost over £1.5 billion to develop. It is the most (44) ______ plane in the history of (45)______. It was given over 5,000 hours of testing.

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Concorde flies at twice the speed of sound. This means that it takes only 3 hours 25 minutes to fly between London and New York, compared with 7 – 8 hours in other passenger jets. Because of the five-hour time (46)______ between the USA and Britain, it is possible to travel west on Concorde and arrive in New York before you leave London! You can (47)______ the 10.30 am flight from London, Heathrow and start work in New York an hour earlier!

Concorde is much used by business people and film stars. But its oldest passenger was Mrs. Ethel Lee from Leicestershire in England. She was 99 years old when she (48)______ from Heathrow on 24 February 1985.

Each Concorde is built at a (49)______ of £55 million. Twenty have been built so far. Air France and British Airways (50)______ the most. They each have seven planes.

1. A. transportation B. carriage C. conveyance D. passenger

2. A. expectation B. dream C. hope D. imagination

3. A. project B. plot C. structure D. development

4. A. tested B. tried C. investigated D. experimented

5. A. flight B. aviation C. space D. locomotion

6. A. separation B. division C. expansion D. difference

7. A. run B. transport C. catch D. register

8. A. blasted B. launched off C. took off D. flew off

9. A. cost B. price C. expense D. expenditure

10. A. own B. mortgage C. hire D. master


The person I am going to write about is Charlie Chaplin. He has always been one of

my favorite actors and I really (41)_____ his films.

Charlie was born in London in 1889. Both his parents were music hall performers. His father was a drunkard and his mother later (42)______ mad. Life was hard and Charlie and his half brother, Sidney, were sent to a(n) (43)______ for a time.

He first appeared on the stage when he was seven and by the time he was ten he was a regular performer. When he was 17, he went on a tour of the USA where he was (44) _______ and given a part in a Hollywood film. His early films were not particularly successful but in 1915 he made his (45) _______, “The Tramp”, in which he first appeared in the baggy trousers and with the hat and cane. Soon he had had his own (46)_______ built and was making his own films which included “The Gold Rush”, “Modern Times” and “The Great Dictator”.

In the 1940s his reputation in the USA started to (47) _______. Silent films were no longer so popular. Chaplin went to Europe but was not allowed to return to the USA because he was (48) _______ of being a communist. The authorities finally let him back in 1972 and he was (49)_______ an Oscar, but by this time he had made Switzerland his home.

Chaplin did not have a very happy personal life and was married four times. He only found happiness with his fourth marriage in 1943. When he died on Christmas Day 1977, the world had lost one of the greatest (50) _______ comedians.

1. A. admire B. admit C. claim D. encourage

2. A. ended B. went C. came D. began

3. A. orphanage B. institution C. shelter D. lodging

4. A. spotted B. elected C. set D. drafted

5. A. achievement B. completion C. fiction D. masterpiece

6. A. factory B. workshop C. studio D. stage

7. A. slide B. split C. decline D. discredit

8. A. suspected B. doubted C. considered D. abused

9. A. prized B. awarded C. delivered D. rewarded

10. A. ever B. before C. previously D. present


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